Run Community for Everyone

816 Run Collective is made up of club, group and 1 on 1 coaching. It's for all runners, new and experienced, no matter your pace or distance.
We are here for you!

816 Run Club

Weekly Saturday morning group runs. 7:30am start - All paces, all distances EVERYONE is welcome.

Group Coaching

Want to learn more about training, racing and how to take the next step as a runner - check out the 816 Group Coaching offerings to see what's coming up next.

1 on 1 Coaching

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Then 1 on 1 custom coaching is for you! Race distances from 1 mile to 200+, all terrains and experience levels.

Coach Randy

816 Run Collective is led by Coach Randy. A runner and coach who gets his biggest joy from helping athletes of all walks of life change their lives through running!

Partners and Sponsors

816 Run Club

816 Run Club is a community based run club thats been around for 4 years! We strive to be a welcoming entry point for new runners as well as a place where the most seasoned runner can get in their big long runs.Currently meeting at: Grand Coffee Company - 2345 Grand Blvd KCMO 64108 (except for special runs so see social media or email for updates)

Club Details

  • $35 membership per year!

  • Weekly long routes (or choose your distance)

  • 5k Club (don't want to go long - this is the option for you)

  • Every turn marked with a sign (no maps to follow and no getting lost)

  • Water coolers every 2 miles

  • Try out w/ no signup (just jump in)

  • All paces

  • All Distances

  • Amazing Crew

Why does 816 Run Club cost? Or why do you have a membership fee?With the way we set routes with signs, coolers, cups etc we have some real costs associated with the runs. Our goal is to keep this membership fee as minimal as possible - but we need to cover those costs.But, we don't want that fee to get in the way of jumping in, so if you aren't sure yet or for whatever reason you can't make that happen right now, join us anyway!


What is 816 Group Coaching?

  • It's a group training session led by Coach Randy that includes education and a training plan towards one of KC's premier races (or another race of your choice around the same time).

  • You are provided with a static training plan (suited to your goals and current ability - lots of options to choose from and Coach Randy helps).

  • Instructional meetings to help guide how to modify your plan based on your schedule and needs.

  • In person instruction on how to perform workouts and various types of training runs.

  • A priority of this session is for me to help you start to coach yourself!

  • Includes membership to 816 Run Club!

  • MORE


16 Week KC Marathon Full and Half Group Session

  • Cost: $175 for full session (16 weeks)

  • Plans start JULY 1 - First meeting JUNE 24th at 6:30pm

  • 6+ in person meetings (spread over the 16 weeks)

  • Training, race nutrition, hydration, gear, race strategy and pacing.

  • Race Day Support

  • Be a part of a team!

1 ON 1 Custom COACHING


All Plans Include:

  • Startup assessment (where are you currently)

  • Weekly training plan (customized and updated based on your specific needs).

  • Full / unlimited communication (text, email, calls, meetings).

  • Race planning and selection.

  • Long term goal planning.

Pricing Starts at $125 per month - No Contract


Trail / Ultra

Sub Ultra Trail Races to 200+ Mile XL Ultras

  • Long range training plan geared towards future goal races.

  • Race nutrition/hydration assistance

  • Gear selection/planning

  • Training specificity (terrain, temp, vertical gain, etc)

  • Plan's are primarily based on finishing your goal race as strong as "you" possibly can.

Track / Road

1 Mile on the Track to Full Marathon

  • Speed / ability assessment

  • Workout / long run education and progression.

  • Plan's are primarily based on speed development and working to be the fastest "you" can be in your goal race(s).


Do you have a big adventure you dream about?

  • Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon?

  • The CAMINO in Spain?

  • AT, PCT, Arizona or Colorado Trail?

  • What adventure do you have in mind?

coach randy


  • Road and Ultra runner since 2016

  • Wrestler in high school and college.

  • Coaching Experience: 8 years wrestling, 4 years running.

  • UESCA Ultra Running Coach Certification

Personal Bests and Accomplishments

  • Mile - 4:57 (at 39 years old)

  • 5k - 16:46

  • Half Marathon - 1:16:35

  • Marathon - 2:40:09 (Chicago 2019)

  • 50k - 3:35 (very hot, gravel course)

  • 50 mile - 6:01:55 (Dam Yeti 23' - top 20 in US in 23')

  • 100 mile 14:29 (Tunnel Hill 22' - top 20 in US in 22')

  • Backyard Ultra - 1x winner at 104 miles!